Rediscover The Truth of Who You Are

  • Understand how you are meant to use your energy in the world to avoid becoming depleted, burned out or overwhelmed

  • Understand how the Universe communicates with you and brings opportunities, experiences and relationships to you

  • Understand how to follow your inner authority and make the most aligned decisions for your highest and best good to avoid feeling confused or stuck

  • Understand who you are and the role you are meant to play

Who Are You Anyway?

This introductory course will familiarize you with the basic and most important aspects of the Human Design Chart.

Human Design is the synthesis of 5 ancient wisdoms - the Hindu Chakra system, the Kabbalah, the Chinese I'ching, Eastern and Western Astrology - and quantum mechanics.

Your Human Design chart is based off of your birth date, time and place. It is a multi-layered energetic blueprint of your Soul Curriculum, the Story of Who You Are and your Life Purpose.  

Understanding your Human Design can help you:

  • Learn the way you are meant to energetically move throughout the world with ease and flow

  • Understand how you are meant to make big decisions

  • Understand the challenges you may face

  • Discover the patterns you may need to correct and where you may get stuck  

  • It can reveal your gifts, talents and weaknesses but more importantly, your potential

Your Human Design chart provides a "map" that can guide you towards living your life in its highest expression.

This Course is just an Introduction to Human Design. If you would like to receive a more in-depth, personal reading of your Chart, please Book an Appointment.

If you add a 60-minute reading to your purchase upon checkout, you will receive a one-time discount which makes this course nearly 60% off.

You will be given access to all modules immediately upon purchase!

Course Curriculum

  Module 1: Intro to Human Design
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  Module 2: Type & Strategy
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days after you enroll
  Module 3: Authority
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  Module 4: Profile
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Corissa Stepp

Corissa is a Life Coach who guides her clients through transformational periods in their lives by  supporting them in understanding who they truly are, what their purpose is and how to find the power in the pain so that they can see a path forward to a life they love. Corissa draws upon several modalities, including HumanDesign, EFT and Intuitive sessions as part of her coaching practice.